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Toastr Notification Example in Laravel Application

Adding Toastr Notifications in Laravel

Toastr is awesome JavaScript library that help to display message in the form of notification, the message could be type of info, success, warning or error . When a user signs up on your website or performs an action that needs a notification. A good option is to use the ToastrJS library. Checkout the demo here:

There are a few ways that you can include the js and the css file in your project. 

  1. Include the JS and the CSS library hosted on CDN JS
  2. Install the libraries via Bower
  3. Download the JS and the CSS file from the github repo:

However you decide to include it in your project you will then need to add the location to the 2 files in the <head> tag of your master layout file like so:

<script src="//"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//">

Then whenever you need to redirect to a page and pass a notification you can pass the redirect a notification array like so:

$notification = array(
	'message' => 'I am an alert type message!', 
	'alert-type' => 'success'

return Redirect::to('/')->with($notification);

Then at the bottom of your master layout file (master.blade.php or app.blade.php) you will need to include the following javascript to show the notification type and the message you want to show:

    var type = "{{ Session::get('alert-type', 'info') }}";
        case 'info':
  "{{ Session::get('message') }}");
        case 'warning':
            toastr.warning("{{ Session::get('message') }}");

        case 'success':
            toastr.success("{{ Session::get('message') }}");

        case 'error':
            toastr.error("{{ Session::get('message') }}");

And it's as easy as that. Make sure in the $notification array from step 2 that you specify whether you want the message to be an alert-type of info, warning, success, or error and the correct color notification will be shown.

You can use by Installing toastr package

Step 1: Install toastr package using composer.

$laravel_project> composer require yoeunes/toastr

Step 2: Include packages css and js file into layout.blade.php file or your view file where do you need to display toastr message.

@jquery - skip if already have.
@toastr_css - toastr css lib.
@toastr_js - toastr js lib.
@toastr_render - for render toastr notification

Step 3: Now add the service provider to config/app.php. In Laravel versions 5.5 and beyond, this step can be skipped if package auto-discovery is enabled.

'providers' => [

Step 4: Call toastr method into controller file.

toastr()->info('User has been created!')
//set message with title
toastr()->success('Have fun storming the castle!', 'Miracle Max Says')

That’s it. Hope you will enjoy it in your application .

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