How to upload image with validation in Laravel

How to upload image Today, i will show you how to create simple image upload in laravel. I write article step by step about image upload in laravel. I also added validation with image upload in laravel. Here i will follow object oriented php structure to upload imgae. It is very easy and preety awesome . Here i also validate image where user can only upload jpeg,png,jpg,gif type image. So doing it you can download a fresh laravel file or you can do it in your current running project. So just follow few steps. Here i will use a fresh laravel app . Step 1 : Install Laravel  App... Read more

Laravel Notification Examples from Scratch

Laravel notification System In addition to support for sending email, Laravel provides support for sending notifications across a variety of delivery channels, including mail, SMS (via Nexmo), and Slack. Notifications may also be stored in a database so they may be displayed in your web interface.Typically, notifications should be short, informational messages that notify users of something that occurred in your application. For example, if you are writing a billing application, you might send an "Invoice Paid" notification to your users via the email and SMS channels. New... Read more

Laravel Pagination Example using Vue js from Scratch

Pagination in Laravel using Vue Js Today, I am going to share with you how to make easy Vue js pagination in Laravel application. As you know Pagination help us to load few records every time, that way can not broken web page due to lots of data. If you are making pagination and do it using Vue js then it more beautiful. Vue js Pagination load only your table data instead of whole page. So Vue pagination is very helpful. In this post i am going to make it. So let's learn how to make it.  Pagination Using Vue js For doing it we have to follow some instructions. So follow o... Read more

Laravel 5.6 - jQuery Ajax Crop Image Before Upload using Croppie Plugin

Image cropper before uploading in Laravel Now i am going to show you an amazing thing for web application . Now we are going to learn how to crop  image before uploading to the server. If you don’t konw what is crop image just visit and read it Cropping (image) I was thinking how can i do it easily, i decide to do with my own jquery but after write some code. i thought it will take time and need to write large amount of code. but after some time, finally decide to use any one jquery plugin i can done crop image and also show preview of profile image. After google search i... Read more

How to create seo friendly url in laravel using vue js ?

Slug Generator using Vue Js With the advent of Node.js and modern application endpoint routing, I find it surprising that there is no in-built function to convert any string into an URL-optimized slug.If your application users write content and you want to make their content searchable with an SEO-friendly URL, a slugify function is practically inevitable.In order to turn an article’s original title “This is demo post” into a slug optimized for URLs, parse your string through this slugify function to get “this-is-demo-post”. In this post, I am going to shar... Read more

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