PHP Login Script With MySQL and Ajax

Login PHP with MySQL and Ajax Login is most important feature for our application . Hacker can easily hack your website if you make simple login mechanism in our application . In this tutorial i will show you how to do strong user authentication mechanism using php and mysqli. It is pretty simple and easy. I am going to create this mechanism using oop php and jquery along with ajax . Before starting our project first you have to go to your localhost phpmyadmin to create our project Database whose name will be db_login. Also create a table whose name will be tbl_user along... Read more

jQuery Ajax Form Validation in PHP

jQuery Ajax Form Validation jQuery form validation is the most important thing form our web application . If we add this jquery ajax form validation feature in our application then we can easily inform our user that his given information is right or wrong without reloading our web page. It is very user friendly i think . Today we learn how to validate form using jquery. In this tutorial you will learn also Ajax and How to insert data into database using jquery ajax. We will do it using PHP , MySqli , jQuery and Ajax . See the demo of below image . We are going to develop it .  I... Read more

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