SMTP server doesn't work to send email in laravel

Gmail SMTP server for sending email in Laravel Are you looking for using Gmail SMTP server for sending email in Laravel? Sometimes SMTP server does not work deu to some server settings or configurations problem. To solve this problem now i am going to show you how to send email via SMTP server in laravel. One more benefit of using SMTP server is , you can send email from your local server also. By this way it will helpful for us to test email functionality on local server itself. It is better to know that laravel use Config/mail.php file to store details related to sending emails. Th... Read more

How to send an email using mailable in laravel

How to send an email Today, i am going to tell you how to send simple email with gmail smtp configuration using laravel mailable class. We can send email using many procedure in laravel . But today we are going to learn how to send an email via mailable class in laravel . It is very simple and easy. you have to just follow few step to do it . So let’s start our tutorial.  Mail Configuration Go to your .env file and open it. Setup configuration like this .  MAIL_DRIVER = smtp MAIL_HOST = MAIL_PORT = 587 MAIL_USERNAME = your gmail MAIL_PASSWO... Read more

Laravel 5.8: Email Verification Example from Scratch

Email Verification Example in Laravel In this tutorial, i will share with you how to setup register user email verification in laravel 5.8. new user must be verify email address before logic in laravel 5.8. we will send activation code on register email address to verify email in laravel 5.8 app. In laravel old version we are doing email verification process manually, but in laravel 5.8 they provide in build email verification setup for new registered users to must have to verify his email before proceed. You just need to make some basic setup with need to use middleware, routes and mail... Read more

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